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    Hi folks,
    First of all I appologize- I don’t speak Dannish that well.
    But I have several questions regarding business loans.

    I have been in Denmark for 5 years now, finished my studies and now full time employed.
    Back in 2013 I started up a small “self" company and started manufacturing some small products. You can find out more about them on my website- (it is a multi functional chospticks helper)

    I Invested around 50 thousand kr into the tooling and started manufacturing them in China.
    BUT now I want to start manufacturing them in Denmark in a slightly different way.

    For doing this I need to invest into the machinery- 300 000 kr. For now I closed down the company to re-open it under ApS.
    I am customer at Nordea and started this discussion with them about the loan. I wrote a business plan and everything …
    And had a meeting today- they are not that optimistic about this because I have no safety to offer them- I have no property, no car… Basically nothing to offer them. But I am full time employed and have ok salary to pay back the loan from my personal income.

    They require more information about the business and want to talk to my revisor and stuff like that …
    And I am just thinking is it that difficult to get a loan? I mean- I have decent salary to pay back the loan in case business does not succeed (which I don’t think will happen, because for 2014 it went quite good).
    Besides I wanted to take the loan for something like 10 years, with an opportunity to pay it back as soon as I can …
    But instead of that they are talking if they will say YES to my case, then the loan will be given for 5 years only with interest something like 10.75%

    So I am just thinking- shall I try another bank instead, because this whole story takes already a month and I can’t really hear anything optimistic about this ….
    Well, I will still contact other banks anyway. But what do you guys think? Any advices would be great!

    Thank you!



    As I alo understood- maybe it is a mistake to ask for the loan for the business, maybe I should get a private loan instead? I do understand that in pricate loan I have to claim my personal bankruptcy, whereas if company is banktrup it is different story. But I heard that private interest is lwoer than business…
    Is it harder to get a private loan than a business loan?

    Mikey 68Forfatter

    Perhaps you should take a look at this:

    It’s an on-line marked place for capital, filling the void left by banks unwilling to loan money to businesses…

    I haven’t tried it myself nor am I in any way affiliated with it. But the founder is well known and highly regarded in DK so I think it’s safe to assume it’s legit…


    Yes, I’ve been thinking about Amino … but willing to try with banks first. And then go with Amino …

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