arbejdernes landssbank, nordea or?

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    I am new to DK and I hope someone here can help to recommend a bank for me. I’ve done some research myself and have narrowed down to two banks as mentioned in the subject.

    I have 250,000 DKK which I don’t need to use for up to 6 months. However, access to the fund at anytime is preferred ( you never know when you might need it ) I don’t want any hassles from the so-called ” raadgiver ” trying to sell me products I don’t need so the basic and simple products apply.

    I am looking for:
    – A ” relatively ” attractive interest rate ( at this moment I don’t consider any investment products such as stocks or bonds , maybe later but not now )
    – A bank which is least likely to go bust
    – Least fee possible ( thus danske bank is ruled out ) as I have only savings no debt and have no immediate plan to borrow either.

    Not really familiar with all the banks here so please help me to choose one ! Thanks !



    I am using a combination of 2 banks:
    arbejdernes landssbank: Using for normal stuff like salary account, visa and tradeing with shares. Small interest rate but free for fee.
    FIH: Using it for my saving account. As far as I know it gives the best interest you can get. Free for fee but you need to lock the money for the period

    Mr RForfatter

    Danske Bank is free if you have 100.000 euro

    Ole LaursenForfatter

    As long as you have less than around 750k DKK in the bank, you’re covered by an interbank insurance so don’t need to worry about losing your money.

    If you’re just looking for a web bank with basic products, I would recommend It was recently bought by Jyske Bank but continues as a separate entity. In my 10+ years of staying with them, I’ve never been contacted by a rådgiver. As for the savings, you can just go to

    and pick the one with the highest interest that satisfies your requirements. Note that some of them require you hold shares of the bank.

    Personally, I keep my savings in an investment fund – for short term savings you can put them in a fund that invests in bonds that are about to expire (korte danske obligationer). That’ll usually give you a better yield than the banks with their fixed offers, and it’s much more flexible. Almost all Danish investments funds are ETFs so it’s pretty easy to put money into them from inside the web bank, and they’re organised through Investeringsforeningsrådet so have historical yields and risk statistics conveniently collected at

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