Best Etableringskonto?

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    OK, so I’m English and I haven’t worked here that long, but I can already see it’s worth using everything you can to keep the taxes down. 🙂

    Does anyone know which bank is paying the best interest/rente on an etableringskonto at the moment?

    Many thanks!

    Ole LaursenForfatter

    In case nobody else replies, I just did a quick check on Google. Merkur Andelskasse is quoting 0,65%:

    Sparekassen Hobro offers a 2,5% annual bonus instead of interest, to be paid out when you establish the company:

    Most of the hits either have a lower interest rate or don’t quote one online, which probably means you’d have to negotiate one.


    Mange tak!

    I’m not used to the concept of banks actually negotiating with people, but I’ll just visit a few and see.

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