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Hi Derik.

First question: A rate of 97 is not “too low” you will encur a loss of 3% but the lower interest rate will make up for this in time. However it might not be the case if you intend to pay out the loan already after 15 years. If you guys are quite sure about repaying in only 15 or 20 years you should definetely select a fixed loan with a shorter repayment time e.g. 20 years as you will gain a much lower interest rate.

Second question: I hear a lot of bad things about the F5. Without having done the match at this instance it is my opinion that the price of the F5 is to high. So if you decide to go for a variable loan you should select an F-kort loan (refinanced every 6 months).

With regard to early repayment: With fixed loans you will always be able to repay at rate 100 for a minor fee. With variable loan it is another story. I cant recall why its more expensive but it has something to do with the terms.

Finally should you select a fixed or variable loan? It sounds like you can afford an interest increase so its really a matter of whether or not you believe the interest rate will increase or not.